frontgoldIt’s sunny here and hot. It’s normally hot and very frequently sunny. There are a gaggle of small children trying to sell me water and bananas and looking interestedly at the latest iPad I have and I’m looking at 1,200 year old ruins. Last night I spent in a modern, bustling city with a thriving nightlife at a busy gay-owned bar, celebrating the 40th birthday party of a friend of mine. A land of stark contrasts …

heartofdarkness2Where am I? Cambodia.

You too can come and join in the fun. You can soak up the history and the attractions during the day and take in the exciting nightlife in the evenings. In between, have a massage, shop at a local market, take a ride on a boat or a motorbike or a tuk tuk or a bicycle, or just walk around.

angkorsunriseThe country is filled with history. The visitors and ex-pats both tend to be younger than other similar Asian countries. The gay scene is active and gays are accepted here. Visitors tend only to come for a few days and they want a reliable guide to the scene. So go on … give us a try. And if you’re visiting, then use CGT as a way of getting to know the areas. We will shortly be launching Cambodia Gay Tours, to offer guided tours around the major cities.

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